Top 3 Youth Baseball Drills

Youth Baseball Drills

Top 3 Youth Baseball Drills

Even though we specialize mostly in providing you with the best hitting drills, we decided to switch things up and come up with a list of the top three youth baseball drills that have ever existed. Although we cant possibly mention all the drills that are necessary for you to become a 5 tool baseball player , we can guide you in the right direction with drills that help you in each of the aspects in your game.

1. Hitting

As stated in our earlier article here, we feel that the tee is the most important tool you can have when working on your hitting. The tee is one of the only tools that that promotes constancy in your swing, making you focus on controlling your timing and getting your mechanics perfect.

2. Pitching

Pitching accurately is extremely difficult without a good set of mechanics. The net drill is a really good pitching drill that helps you get a larger stride, in turn making you pitch faster and more accurate. The drill itself is very simple, all you need to do is set yourself up around 1.5 feet away from a mesh or net. Then you need to pitch the ball. The first few times you do this you may notice that your hand gets caught in the net, this is perfectly normal. To remedy this you need to really extend your stride before you break your hands apart from each other. You will notice a great increase in accuracy and a 3-4 mph increase in speed!

2. Fielding

Although this drill is not the best on working on your mechanics, this drill is a great way to warm up and get ready for a game or practice. To do this drill you need to position 2 players at all the bases. The coach needs to hit a ball to third base. Once the player at third base gets the ball he must throw it to second base. After this, he needs to run to the next bag in chronological order (home plate). The second baseman needs to field the ball and throw it to the base the previous player is running to. Then you continue this motion until an over throw is performed or the players have had a good warm-up.

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