Best Baseball Hitting Drills Of All Time

Best Baseball Hitting Drills Of All Time

Top 3 Baseball Hitting Drills

There are 1000’s of drills baseball players use to improve different parts of their swing. Some of them better than others. Today we will be telling you the 3 Most Useful baseball hitting drills that will put power in your swing and make you a 5 tool baseball player.

3. Stop at Contact Drill

The stop at contact drill emphases on hitting the ball on the sweet spot of the bat to get the optimal power out of your bat. The drill also works on your hitting plain so your batted ball gets hit at the optimal angle. To perform this hitting drill you need to get a soft but heavy object, like a heavy tire or punching bag, line it up against your wall or a fence and get a strong hard swing onto the object. The main aim of the drill is to put emphasis on keeping a balanced swing and to work on your general batting mechanics.

2. Back Toss Drill

The back toss drill is one of the most simplest baseball hitting drills, yet is it one of the most effective. This drill is done by setting up directly behind the hitter and lobbing baseballs forward through the hitting zone. The aim of this drill is to keep your weight on your back foot and drive through the baseball.

1. Tee Drills

Although you may feel that hitting off a tee is very basic and easy, it is actually the single most important baseball hitting drill you can do. The tee is different from other baseball hitting drill since it is one of the only drills that promotes constancy in your swing. Along with promoting constancy, the tee also makes the hitter focus on controlling their timing and getting their mechanics perfect. Not only that, the tee is also a very flexible tool that can work out every part of your swing opening up the possibility to 100’s off different drills all using the tee.

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