13 Baseball Hitting Drills That Put POWER Behind Your Swing

Hitting a baseball is debatably the most difficult, and important, part of baseball. To perfect your swing you need to practice endlessly and get a sense of “muscle memory” so you can swing your bat the PROPER way all the time. Below is a list of 13 baseball hitting drills that you can do from the comfort of your home that puts power and mobility behind your swing.

Baseball Hitting Drills

Tee Drills:

1. One Handed Tee Drill
The one handed tee drill is a fundamental tee drill that helps you keep your hands in on the ball and helps you drive through the ball once you make contact with it.

2. Moving Tee Drill
The moving tee drill helps you get a feel for the strike zone and helps you push through the ball where ever it is. The drill is very simple, all you need is a tee and some balls. All you need to do is set up the tee at different heights and parts of the plate and swing through it.

3. Stance, Stride, Break Drill
The stance, stride, break drill is used to break our swing down into manageable pieces and helps you know how your body should be feeling at every part of your swing.

4.  Tee Drill
The tee drill is one of the most simple baseball hitting drills of all time. You just line the tee up in the middle of the plate, and swing. Although you may think that this drill is useless and a waste of time it is actually a very good drill. The drill is mainly used while warming up before a game or practice. It is used to correct any errors in your swing that you noticed in the game or practice before. This makes it so you don’t keep on making the same mistakes over and over again.

5. Big Ball Drill
The big ball drill is a drill that emphasis your hand motion while swinging. It encourages keeping your hands in on the ball to generate more power behind your swing.

 Soft Toss Drills:

6. Back Toss Drill
This drill is done by setting up directly behind the hitter and lobbing baseballs forward through the hitting zone. The aim of this drill is to keep your weight on your back foot and drive through the baseball.

7.  One Handed Drill
This drill is the exact same drill and the tee drill “One Handed Drill” except that during this drill someone is tossing you a baseball from in front of you.

8. 2 Ball Soft Toss

9. Inside/Outside Drill
The Inside/Outside drill is used to make sure the hitter keeps his eye on the ball at all times and is able to drive through the ball at all parts of the plate. This drill is done by having a person soft tossing to the batter. The pitcher needs to alternate randomly between inside and outside pitches. The pitcher must also try to vary the speed he is throwing at to create more confusion for the batter.

10. Self Flip Drill
The Self Flip drill is also debatably one of the easiest baseball hitting drills of all time. The drill is simple, all you need to do is, with one hand, toss the ball up in front of you, grab the bat, and hit it. This drill helps you find your sweet spot on the plate (what type of balls you like to hit) and it helps you get around the ball with little time.

Other Drills:

11. Stop at Contact Drill
The stop at contact drill emphases on hitting the ball on the sweet spot of the bat to get the optimal power out of your bat. The drill also works on your hitting plain so your batted ball gets hit at the optimal angle. To perform this hitting drill you need to get a soft but heavy object, like a heavy tire or punching bag, line it up against your wall or a fence and get a strong hard swing onto the object. The main aim of the drill is to put emphasis on keeping a balanced swing and to work on your general batting mechanics.

12. Bat Throw Drill

13. Back Drill
The Back Drill is one of the most important baseball hitting drills that you can do. It makes it so you stay back on the ball and drive through it. It puts power and accuracy in your swing, both very important.

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